School Grounds in 2009

School Grounds in 2009
Future site of the Library

Ron Paul Felt Memorial Library

Ron Paul Felt Memorial Library
Blueprint Perspective

My son, who passed away at the young age of 22, left a legacy of dedication to improving educational opportunities for children in Indonesia. Prior to graduating from Jakarta International School, he and a friend organized a high school club devoted to raising funds to assist children in the neighboring kampung with educational costs. This ongoing fund helps defray costs of uniforms and textbooks, allowing many poor children in Jakarta the chance to attend school where they may otherwise be forced to drop out.

In his honor, our family has chosen to assist the children of the San Isidro Integrated School, to improve their educational environment and to build a new edifice that will house a library and computer lab. Ron Paul valued reading and learning and he loved children. We hope to dedicate the future library to his memory.


The Heart Felt organization seeks to improve the educational environment for the children of San Isidro in order to prepare them for a better, more meaningful and more purposeful life.

Accomplishments to Date:

In 2009, before our involvement and assistance, San Isidro Integrated School was overcrowded. A Kindergarten and six grades met in 5 classrooms with nearly 40 children in each room. The desks and chairs were rotting and full of splinters. The mostly-English textbooks were old and tattered, many with missing pages. The children had no library or computer resources, and few reading books were available in classrooms.

Since that time, thanks to the support of family and friends and increased local government interest, the school has improved in the following ways:

- SIIS expanded through Grade 11, and the final Grade 12 classroom will be built in 2014

- All of the old desks were replaced

- The children learn from newer, better quality textbooks and, as a result, their National Test Scores are improving

- The students have access to more books to read

- A computer lab is set up

- The playground is vastly improved

- A fresh-water tank is installed

- Improvements are continually being made as needed


#1: To construct the Ron Paul Felt Memorial Library

#2: To provide space for the computer lab in the new library

#3: To continue to gather and ship textbooks, instructional materials and library books to San Isidro

#4: To continue to locally purchase needed classroom materials annually

#5: To maintain an enjoyable playground

#6: To establish Sister-School relationships between San Isidro and US schools and to involve any schools and organizations interested in contributing to the education and welfare of San Isidro students

#7: To help San Isidro teachers improve their English-language teaching skills

#8: To provide assistance as new needs arise

---Classroom Improvements---

Classroom Setting in 2009

Classroom Setting in 2009
Jonber teaching Grades 3 and 4

Old Desks

Old Desks
Rough hewn desks and chairs have been replaced

New Desks

New Desks

Worn Out Textbooks

Worn Out Textbooks
The old textbooks have now been replaced with

New Textbooks

New Textbooks

Wednesday, April 28, 2010


Elizabeth Weiss, of Trailside Elementary School in Park City, and I visited the
San Isidro Primary School in late March-early April.

Along with Father Raffy De Gracia and his sister Glenny Hallmark, we met with school officials and teachers to discuss current needs and future plans.

Meet Father Raffy De Gracia who oversees our projects at San Isidro...

Here he is taking charge of the planning meeting.

These are some of the exciting things accomplished during our trip:

1. We purchased school supplies and prepared individual packets to be presented to each student on the first day of school this June.

THANK YOU to the Current Issues Class of CANYON VIEW HIGH SCHOOL in Cedar City, Utah for hosting a dance and raising over $300 to purchase these supplies!

2. We purchased visual aids, dictionaries, inflatable globes, log books, and other supplies for teachers to use in their classrooms.

(New teacher log books)

Here are the supplies being loaded onto a jet boat to be transported from Cebu to Bohol, the island where San Isidro is located:

3. We ordered 35 new desks to be placed in a Grade 7 classroom currently being built. This sample is partially stained to show the quality of construction.

Village members contributed building materials and labor to construct the classroom.

4. We contributed a 14" Sony color TV as "Grand Prize" for the school's raffle to raise funds for adding a roof to the new classroom.

Raffle tickets are selling for 5 pesos each (less than 10 cents).

First prize is a large sack of rice.

5. We bought new textbooks for the teachers to use as reference materials for teaching Social Studies and the Filipino language, printed in Tagalog.

This is is typical of the condition of most of the textbooks currently in use.


Head Teacher: Emma L. Guibay

(Responsible for overseeing 4 primary schools)


Jean R. Reserva

Grade 1:

Lea D. Anosa

Grade 2:

Michelle Lopez:
[ Not Pictured ]

Grades 3 & 4:

Elvie Lopez Josol

Grade 5:

Darla Mae Celades

Grade 6:

Johnber M. Misador

Grade 7:

Alma Lamoste

Grade 8:

Julian Enad

Day Care Worker:
Anamie Matunhay
[ Not pictured ]

These dedicated teachers work with the children five days a week from 7:30 a.m. until 5:00 p.m.

Often they draw upon their own small incomes to provide visual aids and instructional materials for their classrooms.

Each teacher and administrator will donate a percentage of their monthly income in order to pay the salary of the new Grade 7 teachers.
* * * * *

I have never before witnessed such pride, devotion and community spirit as is evident among the teachers, administrators, parents and students of San Isidro:

  • Here, women and children dropped by Glenny's home to help us sort school supplies into individual packets.

  • These are a couple of posters created and displayed as guidelines for students in the classroom:



We hope to collect and ship many more textbooks since math, reading, and science instruction is in English.


These new desks cost only $20 each.

For about the price of two movie tickets, you can provide a new desk for a child in the San Isidro Integrated School.

This is what you will be replacing:


(These are some of the only reading materials
currently available to students.)


(We hope to find businesses willing to donate
discontinued computers.)


Trailside Elementary School
Park City, Utah
(where Elizabeth Weiss teaches ESL)



Remove rocks from the play area

Construct new playground equipment

Rebuild this circular tree-bench


Four classrooms are insufficient for six grades

Space is available to build two additional classrooms

It's our dream to one day build a separate structure for Pre-School children with their own play area.

There is enough land.... All we need are the funds.

A single classroom can be built for around $2000.


This message just arrived from Father Raffy dated April 30, 2010:

Dear Theresa,
I am happy too for the devotion and commitment of your family to have that big dream of the village school in San Isidro. It will make a difference in the lives and the future of the students. The pledges, gifts, donations from all over the States, especially from your friends, make us feel so important for the common vision and mission to have the Library, school buildings, the chairs, school supplies and others that will enhance the dignity of the person in terms of their knowledge. Therefore, I am thanking you for your big help.

Love and prayers,
Fr. Raffy

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